21 02, 2017

Exploring 3D Printing Trends


3D printing has enjoyed impressive growth over the last few years, and in general, that growth doesn’t seem to be slowing down much. However, there appears to be a shift in 3D printing overall. Exploring 3D printing trends to understand where that growth will land can help guide companies on how best to leverage the technology. 3D printing will continue [...]

Exploring 3D Printing Trends2017-02-21T13:33:26-07:00
14 02, 2017

Expert Interview Series: Morten Jensen, Founder of STEEN Solutions


We're kicking off a new blog post series where we'll be interviewing top experts in the field of product development, starting with our very own Morten Jensen, Founder of STEEN Solutions. How did you get the inspiration to start STEEN Solutions? After over a decade in corporate America, I decided that my skills and interests would be better suited for [...]

Expert Interview Series: Morten Jensen, Founder of STEEN Solutions2018-01-04T06:54:42-07:00
7 02, 2017

What Makes a Product Patentable?


One of the first questions many people ask when they come up with a new idea is, “should I patent this product?”  The answer that question, one needs to first understand what makes a product patentable? What is a patent? A patent is a set of exclusive rights granted to an inventor or assignee for a limited period of time in exchange for [...]

What Makes a Product Patentable?2018-01-04T06:54:42-07:00