18 04, 2017

Should You License Your Product Idea?


Companies and entrepreneurs come up with creative product ideas all the time. The challenge is what to do with those ideas, as the product development process can be complicated, especially if you’re going at it alone. Many great product ideas have died on the drawing board because companies were either incapable or unwilling to go through the product development process, [...]

Should You License Your Product Idea?2017-04-18T07:40:31-07:00
11 04, 2017

Engineering Simulation Software Tools for Product Development


Engineering simulation is expanding across the entire product development lifecycle, from digital exploration to prototyping to operations, maintenance and beyond. Simulation software continues to increase in popularity as the demand for highly accurate product testing continues to elevate. Simulation software tools for product development impact every industry, and the results are quite impressive. What is engineering simulation? Engineering simulation is [...]

Engineering Simulation Software Tools for Product Development2018-01-04T06:54:40-07:00
4 04, 2017

Expert Interview Series: Cary King, Manager at Eplastech


We're continuing our new expert interview series by chatting with Cary King, manager at Eplastech. Cary provides some great insights on the world of manufacturing. Tell us a little bit about your background and how you got into this industry Eplastech focuses on injection molding, CNC machining and prototyping. There were several customers from western countries that came to China to [...]

Expert Interview Series: Cary King, Manager at Eplastech2018-01-04T06:54:40-07:00