2018 is the year to outsource, taking advantage of the expertise of others, and freeing up your internal resources to accomplish the tasks best suited to them. Many small companies have ideas for new products but trying to navigate all the steps that it takes to take an idea designed, produced and manufactured is very complex.  Hiring an engineering services company can prove invaluable, but understand what this entails so your project is a success. If your company is looking to work with an engineering services company, be sure you’re armed with all the information you need before making a decision.

What does engineering services company offer to businesses?

Companies like these can help businesses with all aspects of product design. They can take an idea and work with companies to expand on design, working out concepts to fully illustrate the product, and then take that design through analysis, design documentation, prototyping and manufacturing.

Not all engineering services companies are full service

Not all companies offer the full array of engineering services, so understand what your business already has for resources and what it needs to get the project done. Most engineering firms offer several stages of service offerings to clients who come to them with a problem statement they’re looking to solve with a new product. If your company doesn’t have the internal resources, you’ll need conceptual design as well as detailed design assistance. The goal is for the engineering services company to provide innovative ideas for the design. After that, most engineering services companies can assist with analysis to determine what the performance of the product will be, including tolerance analysis, structural analysis, or an engineering analysis to assess performance risk. Again, if internal resources are lacking, tap your engineering firm to help with technical documentation, which is key for any product development. Depending on the project, this may include 2D or 3D design files or drawing, photo realistic renderings, animations, assembly documents or product overview.

Decide when you’ll need a tangible sample of your product: prototyping

A prototype is a model of your product. They can include a mock-up prototype to allow for specific testing, or can be a fully functional prototype for more large scale testing. In additional, an engineering services company can help with the prototype testing itself.

Does outsourcing really make sense for your company?

There are many reasons why outsourcing makes sense when it comes to product design. A professional engineering solutions firm will have an entire staff that includes design engineers, analysts, and manufacturing engineers that can provide effective collaboration, communication and seamless project execution, providing much better project cohesion. Working with a  full service firm will also provide a single point contact from design concept to manufacturing to streamline the product design process, vastly improving the communication process of the project.

Of course, if your company has some internal resources for the project, and is simply looking to partner with a firm to round out their team, an engineering services company can serve in a variety of functions working in conjunction with the internal team. For other companies, they may simply need a consultant to oversee their internal efforts.

There are many issues to consider when considering when looking to work with an engineering services company. For most, the endeavor will prove fruitful when there is a mutual understanding of need, resources, and end goals.

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