Companies that are most successful with their product development efforts are those who are continually looking for ways to improve their product. Also known as product evolution, when companies continue to enhance their products based on consumer needs and trends, the outlook is always positive. How can companies keep up on consumer trends and demands?  Here are 5 product design blogs to follow for inspiration and insights on what is resonating with consumers now.

Yanko Design

Yanko Design showcases numerous examples of the best designs from around the world. Mostly focusing on consumer products, it also looks at technology, architecture and fashion. Following this blog gives fantastic insights to what the latest gadget are and how consumers are using them. By reading this blog, companies can gain insights on trends and what consumer demands are when it comes to product usefulness.


This site lists all kinds of products. What’s interested about this blog is that companies can also see how site visitors rank each product; a great way to again see what products are resonating with consumers. Behance is laid out in a very helpful manner by category, so companies looking to research consumer trends and demands can do so within their industry.

Product Design Hub

Unlike the first two blogs listed, this one is definitely geared towards commercial users, and the content speaks to design professionals. It showcases product designs, as well as providing helpful industry articles on the product development industry. Product Design Hub is definitely one companies should add to their list for great consumer insights.

Fast Co. Design

Fast Co. Design is a very well-known site among the design industry. It’s the most popular site for the industrial design industry, and provides compelling updates on industry trends as well as a wide array of articles on numerous topics in product design and development.

Solid Smack

This is a great blog as it showcases products and trends, provides insightful articles and hosts a library of videos on all things product design as well. Solid Smack also has a really neat feature that can be used for even more consumer insights. “Smack Talk” hosts a variety of conversations on industry topics. Those interested in getting real-time feedback and advice should definitely check this one out!

Of course, we’re partial to a sixth blog that we feel provides a wide variety of information on different topics in product development:  the STEEN Solutions blog. Be sure to bookmark that blog as well, and you’ll have a collection of fantastic industry blogs to help stay on top of industry trends and consumer demands.