20 03, 2018

Product Development: Design to Fabrication


Product development entails a series of well-orchestrated steps to take a product from concept to manufacturing. For organizations looking to complete a project development endeavor, understanding the steps from design to fabrication and beyond will help facilitate the process and provide the desired outcomes. Starting with a concept Every new product design, even those that are going through product evolution, [...]

Product Development: Design to Fabrication2018-03-20T11:57:24-07:00
27 09, 2016

Are 2D Fabrication Drawings a Thing of the Past?


More and more shops are accepting 3D models as an input rather than the traditional, fully-dimensioned, 2D fabrication drawings. Younger engineers don’t even know how to create drawings anymore. Are 2D drawings going away? Consider the facts below to determine if 2D fabrication drawings are a thing of the past. What is 2D vs. 3D? In very simple terms, 2D [...]

Are 2D Fabrication Drawings a Thing of the Past?2016-10-26T12:21:39-07:00