OutsourcingA good amount of STEEN Solutions’ business is outsourcing from other engineering services firms, where we work to help them service their existing clients. We work with all types of firms, from small firms to global organizations. The work that we do varies across all our engineering design services including product design, design analysis, design documentation, prototyping and manufacturing/production consultation.

Why should other product design firms outsource their work to us? We stay up to date on everything so you don’t have to. We have a diverse team of experienced design engineers, analysts, and manufacturing engineers at a company’s disposal so these firms can focus their time and energy on their core area of expertise, and leave various portions of the product design process to us. It’s cost effective, time efficient, and provides a win-win for everyone. Whether you’re a full-service product design company that needs occasional assistance with overflow projects, or a specialized engineering services firm seeking a partner to round out your service offerings, STEEN Solutions can help you expand your business!

Contact us to find out how we can enable you to become a full service product design resource for your client.