Analysis Services

Often an integrated part of design activities, we can help estimate the performance of a product before it even exists! Whether a tolerance analysis to ensure that an assembly will come together and operate as intended, a structural analysis to ensure that parts don’t break, or other engineering analysis to quantity performance risk – we can help.

Examples of analytic exercises STEEN Solutions offers include (but are not limited to)

  • Direct optimization of design feature based on surface response model analysis
  • Structural and dynamic analysis of mechanical components and assemblies
  • Thermal analysis of systems
  • Monte Carlo analysis of systems with variations
  • Control engineering (electrical systems)
  • Signal integrity simulations for high speed applications
  • A wide range of DFx tools to help optimize a design for specific purposes such as cost, manufacturing, environment, etc.

Analysis can also be useful in optimization or failure analysis contexts and as such is useful to understand where a design may be over- or under-designed with the impact of cost or – worst case – improper functionality. Depending on the engineering discipline, STEEN Solutions therefore offers our expertise to complete an in-depth analysis to recommend where and how to optimize a design.

Design analysis is one of several service areas where STEEN Solutions provides turnkey product development services to help bring technology to life through innovative engineering, results-oriented project management, and a distinctive focus on customer satisfaction.

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