Design and Documentation Services

Our team of engineers span across various disciplines and are well-versed in creating technologies within mechanical, electrical, software and industrial designs.
STEEN Solutions offers our expertise in both conceptual design as well as detailed design to help your product design and development effort with fresh, innovative ideas. We utilize a mix of tools to make conceptual design a structured, yet innovative process that aims to meet the predefined product design requirements. When faced with an open-ended challenge to develop a conceptual design, we first utilize a mix of TRIZ tools and design morphology tools along with our proprietary database of design building blocks. Use of these tools often yields several viable design options, which are then narrowed down to a select few (conceptual) options. 

Once a conceptual design is ready, we dive into the details with activities such as:

  • Create engineering design decision and trade-off tables for all key features
  • Define full geometry of all parts
  • Define material for all parts
  • Apply DFx tools (Design for …) during initial design step as applicable
  • Identify opportunities of using off-the-shelf parts in place of custom parts
  • Identify potential vendors for off-the-shelf parts
  • Complete design FMEA and risk assessment

Design documentation is key for any development and often spans the entire development process (i.e. all phases) in some form or another. Below are examples of various types of documentation that STEEN Solutions can create.

  • 3D design files
  • 2D design drawings for patents, manufacturing prints, assembly drawings, etc.
  • Photo realistic renderings for marketing and investor packets
  • Animations to illustrate operation, assembly, interactions, etc.
  • Assembly process documents
  • File format conversions from 2D to 3D
  • CAD format conversion
  • Product overview and descriptions for marketing and/or investors
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