Production Services

The production phase focuses on creating the appropriate infrastructure in preparation for higher volume production. From finding raw materials to creating QC specifications, there are several reasons why you need manufacturing consultation. STEEN Solutions can provide solutions, training, and implement action items during the production phase of your product development process. Learn more about our production services now!

How can we help? For clients who have completed the design phase and are ready to start production (low, medium, high volume), STEEN Solutions helps to establish all the necessary infrastructure and vendor channels. This includes activities as follows:

  • Identify raw materials vendor
  • Identify best vendors to manufacture components
  • Identify vendor for assembly / test (if applicable)
  • Create Quality Control specifications for the various components/assembly
  • Identify warehousing and distribution centers.
  • Manufacturing consulting

When you’re ready to start the manufacturing process, contact STEEN Solutions. We can help make the overall process efficient and cost effective. Our manufacturing consulting can save you time and money.

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